Swingers Parties

Get invited to the sexiest Swingers Parties in New Zealand

Swingers PartiesSometimes swingers want to explore group sex and partner swapping in a more intimate environment. This is why swingers parties are very popular. Swingers parties allow a select number of sexy swinger couples and select singles to get together at a house or apartment and play at leisure.

While swingers clubs offer a unique atmosphere all of their own, swingers parties appeal to people who enjoy a more casual environment. Often held at the home of the party host, or at a rented apartment or house, swingers parties let guests feel at home, which for some couples is essential for getting into the swinging mood.

House parties are also generally cheaper than going to a swingers club. This is good for people who do not wish to spend too much money on a night out. Unlike a swingers club however, you will have to see who is hosting a party via a swingers dating website and if they will invite you. Sometimes you may have to travel quite a distance to the house that is hosting a party.

For most part however, couples and singles enjoy swingers parties for the relaxed atmosphere. There is usually a good balance of people in terms of age and gender (not too many single guys for example) and you can bring your own alcohol. Depending on the house or apartment, there should be plenty of room to get to know other guests as well.

Depending on the host, they may also provide food or nibbles so you don’t run out of energy during the night. It may even be possible to stay overnight if the host has a spare room.

To find a listing of local kiwi swingers parties and tips on how to host your own parties, please check out the RedHotPie NZ events guide.