Best of SBS Viceland

VicelandAre you just about ready to vomit over the histrionic millennials on Love Island? On the other hand, are you also bored to tears by the vanilla pace of The Bachelor/ette? It’s time to give these reality TV shockers a miss and switch over to SBS Viceland. Viceland is where the real action is at and you might just learn something other than how to not to overfill your lips.

We all know that SBS has long been a proponent of showing quality shows that push the envelope. Who am I kidding? They don’t have boundaries! Where Free-To-Air TV fears to tread, SBS just steamrolls its way over, crushing any prudish morals and sensitive advertisers that stand in the way. What you’re left with is honest and informative television that both entertains and educates.

Viceland is a multinational television channel that offers programmes focussing on lifestyle-oriented documentaries. It’s creative director is film director Spike Jonze whose vision for Viceland was for it to have “a reason to exist and a strong point of view”, rather than be just a “collection of shows”. Indeed, shows on Viceland are unapologetically honest and the more sensitive minded are bound to be challenged.

Obviously sex and sexuality are frequently explored themes on Viceland. The series Slutever which is airing in Australia currently will interest people who are curious about sexual niches such as BDSM and webcamming. Hosted by saucy sex writer Karley Sciortino, this series attempts to “unearth answers that challenge outdated notions of female sexuality, gender, and love”.

Other shows focussing on sexuality and love include Gaycation featuring actress Ellen Page and her BFF who travel across the world on a journey to explore various LGBTQ cultures to see how different cultures treat the LGBTQ community. Also worthy of watching is The Trixie and Katya Show, hosted by two drag icons examining life’s most important issues, one topic at a time. The episodes Porn, and Ass, are highly recommended.

Viceland has something for everyone, even if you are not specifically interested in open-minded exploration of sexual issues. There are so many other genres covered in a highly entertaining way, including one guy’s adventure to discover the best ice cream in the world.

To be honest, if you’re not into ice cream or sex, I’m kinda worried for you. Get watching!

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