Hey Swingers. Stop Chatting, Start Meeting!

Start Meeting Swingers

My husband and I went out to a mini swingers social in the city the other night. It was organised by a couple who we met some time ago from RedHotPie and had hoped to catch up with again. Unfortunately we’re all so busy that it can take months to organise a night out. This [...]

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Wonderful and Wacky Winter Warmers

We’re so spoiled with beautiful weather most year round in Australia that when Winter rolls around, everyone goes into mourning and hibernates. But a little chill shouldn’t stop you from having sexy fun during the cooler months! It just means you need to get a little creative. We’ve come up with some wonderful and wacky [...]

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Stuff Swingers Don’t Say

It’s hard to not out yourself as swingers sometimes. There are just some things you don’t react to in the same way regular folk do. In order to not arouse suspicion, I find myself pretending to be outraged at things that I know societal norms expect me to find outrageous. Don’t get me wrong. I’m [...]

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Swingers Friend-Zoned!

Have You Been Swingers Friend-Zoned? “Jake and I met the most amazing couple last year. We’d only been swinging for a year but we weren’t exactly newbies at that stage. Certainly, by the time we met Alex and Sara, we knew exactly what we wanted out of the swinging lifestyle, and as far as we were [...]

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Swingers Safe Sex

Condoms are an essential part of having sex today, and particularly in the swingers lifestyle, we all need to be responsible. Love them or hate...

Meet Sexy Kiwi Women

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