Sexiest Hotels in New Zealand

Looking for the sexiest hotels in New Zealand?

Sexiest Hotels in New ZealandNo doubt most Kiwi swingers have experienced the pain of not being able to host people for sexy fun. If you have children or housemates at home, your only hope is that your play friends can host you, or your local swingers club is open. If you don’t want to leave things to chance, get a room!

Hotels are a fantastic option for couples who simply don’t have anywhere to play. Swingers clubs are great when you want to find both playmates and a playroom. However, if you already have a hot date lined up then it might make sense to save the coins to book a sexy room.

Other advantages of getting a room is that you can have the room all to yourself. You don’t have to worry about housemates coming home too early, or strangers trying to gatecrash a private party. A hotel room with a sexy atmosphere is guaranteed to make that night extra raunchy.

Naturally, we suggest that people are mindful of hotel rules. Screamers should be gagged for the night (or their mouths kept busy!) and keep the music down. The last thing you want is hotel staff knocking on your door mid-thrust!

So for some ideas on the sexiest hotels in New Zealand, here are our pick:

Ohtel (Wellington)

OhtelSituated ideally at the beginning of Oriental Parade in Wellington’s CBD, this boutique hotel is located just a short stroll away from Wellington’s night life. Swinger couples can get a little dancing and flirting happening before retiring to one of Ohtel’s beautifully appointed rooms. If you want to go all out, you can book a room with a spa. Go on. You know you want to!

Desire Love Motel (Auckland)

cleopatraAdopting the ingenious, Japanese ‘Love Hotel’ model, Desire Love Motel charges by the hour. So horny couples in need of a one-hour quicky don’t have to fork out for an overnight tarif. Of course, if you need the room overnight for a marathon sex session, then that’s an option too. Couples will love the themed rooms.

Hotel 115 (Christchurch)

thmbx-img_1052-jpgA modern boutique hotel located in the Christchurch CBD, Hotel 115 has the right vibe for couples who want to get sexy. While the rooms may not be huge, who needs space when you want to get bodies as close as possible to each other? If you want more space to swing then we recommend upgrading to a larger room, or why not get interconnecting rooms for some naughty partner swapping action?

Hotel De Brett (Auckland)

boutique-suite1Who wouldn’t want to get frisky at Hotel De Brett? This gorgeous hotel just screams ‘HOT’. The mid-century style decor certainly puts the ‘swing’ in swinger. The hotel’s larger suites are perfect for a party of six. With a lounge bar downstairs, Hotel De Brett is also the perfect location for the first date. After getting to know each other over a few drinks, you’ll be hanging out to use the beautiful room waiting upstairs.

Tawse Manor (Christchurch)

img_2691For Christchurch couples who want a full, unadultered swingers experience then they need look no further than Tawse Manor. A B&B specifically set up for naughty people, Tawse Manor has actual play rooms that swingers can explore before catching up on some much needed sleep in one of their accommodation rooms.