Best Dating Sites in New Zealand

Which are the best dating sites in New Zealand?

best dating sites in New Zealand

We all lead busy lives in the 21st Century so it’s no surprise that we rely on online dating to try and meet people for long term relationships as well as casual sex. I’m sure most people would love to meet a new partner the old fashioned way but lack of time means we aren’t involved in hobbies or sports in order to meet new people.

Where once those who used dating websites were the laughing stock of social circles, it’s now so common place that we’re almost surprised to hear about couples who meet through real life means. You mean, you can actually go to a bar and buy a girl a drink? Who does that? What if she isn’t into Monster Trucks?

So what are the best dating websites for Kiwis to find everything from a deep romantic connection to a night of unbridled hot sex? Not all websites will necessary help you find all those things but some may just land you a long term partner who ticks all your boxes in the bedroom too. Here’s some of the best dating sites in New Zealand.

First of all, if you’re interested in finding casual sex with view to maybe pursuing a relationship then look no further than RedHotPie. This sexy dating website and App (check out has helped thousands of people get everything from hot one-night-stands to sexy friendships to even long term relationships. Best of all RedHotPie NZ is free to make contacts. Join FREE and message FREE!

If you’re after a more traditional dating site, try NZ Dating. This dating website has been around for a long time and still has a good membership base. Could be best suited to an older demograhics and doesn’t appear to have an App. A slightly more modern dating website is Find Someone NZ.