Swingers Safe Sex

Swingers Safe SexCondoms are an essential part of having sex today, and particularly in the swingers lifestyle, we all need to be responsible. Love them or hate them, condoms help to prevent STI transmission. If you’re willing to give them a chance they can be fun too!

The modern condom is a far cry from those that were made from pig skin and the like. Most are virtually like second skin and rather than reduce pleasure, many are designed to enhance enjoyment for all parties involved. To make sure that condoms work as they should, it’s important to know how they should be used.

Choose your condom wisely
Use latex condoms only. Natural skin condoms feel good, but they do not prevent diseases. If you or your partners are allergic to latex (it might give you a rash or irritation), try polyurethane condoms. For those who are well-endowed, you may need a condom that have more ’give’. Most manufacturers offer larger sized condoms. Having a larger penis is no longer an excuse to give condoms a miss.

Be prepared
Make sure you store condoms somewhere handy but where it is cool and dry. Latex actually rots if it is kept in warm places. Never use condoms that have reached their used-by dates, or those that have been taken out of its packet. Make sure the packet is intact. Latex condoms need to be treated with care.

Keep at it
Do you really know how to put a condom on properly. Most guys have had a lot of practice but not all girls may have had a go.Firstly, use care to roll the condom down the length of your penis as soon as you get erect. Uncircumsised penises may need to have the foreskin pulled down before the condom is put on. The tip of the condom should be pinched to squeeze the air out to ensure that there’s enough room for things to come (so to speak). Jewellery or fingernails can cause small rips or tears in a condom so take care!. A condom should be kept on the penis until ejaculation. If you are inside your partner withdraw and carefully remove the condom and dispose of it. Use a new condom each time you come inside your partner.

Smooth riding
Your condom will probably come with some lubrication inside, and this may contain a antibacterial agent which effectively kills diseases. For pleasurable intercourse without discomfort, you will probably want to use additional lubricant on the outside of the condom. Only use water-based lubricants and never use petroleum-based lubricants or other oils or jellies because these will destroy latex and render your condoms useless..

Focus on fun
Condoms can be sexy! Think of them as a tool for safe, sexual enjoyment. Learn how to talk about them, to put them on yourself sexily, or – if your partner’s a man – to put them on your partner sexily. Remember, condoms remove the need to worry about all the things that make sex not fun. Just lie back and enjoy.