A Guy’s Guide to Meeting Women Online

    Meeting Women OnlineEven if you have a great personality, a six-pack and pecs you can bounce coins off, you’ve got to be able to appeal to women through a killer intro message. If you want casual sex dating sites such as RedHotPie work for you, you need to know how to work the system.

    As an active female on RedHotPie and others, I would say that for men to grab the attention of females online they have to consider the things women want most!

    Let’s take a look.

    Creating your dating profile
    Ok before you write anything out at all, take a quiet moment to think about what are the things that make you a unique individual, what redeeming qualities do you possess and what would you list as your best qualities (please don’t limit this to the size of your penis guys). Each one of us has something remarkable about us; it’s all a question of finding out what those qualities are. Think about the positive comments you have got from previous lovers and acquaintances and try to get a concept of what girls want to hear. Now that you have got the concept of you profile you are ready to start typing.

    Content-wise, you really want to go for quality over quantity on this one. Tell us your best characteristics but keep your ego in check (or risk being dismissed as an arrogant prick). You can’t say you’re fun and possess a zest for life if humour, wit and passion doesn’t come across in your profile! However, don’t just write about the things you’re into. Don’t forget to post pictures of yourself doing those things. Women will love that you’re truly a man of action.

    Post meaningful pictures
    Who said only guys get stimulated by sight? An outstanding (yet realistic) photo on your profile will be key to getting you laid; RedHotPie statistics show that profiles with pictures will have more than 10 times the number of replies in comparison to those that don’t. Now boys, before you run off to take same Polaroids of your male member, I can safely say that we girls on RedHotPie have had ENOUGH of portrayals of your dick from various angles and perspectives. Really. What we’d really like, would be genuine and yet classic snaps that portray you as you!

    Get messaging
    Having spent all that time writing up your description and selecting the ideal picture, the last thing you’d want to is to trip up on the homerun and screw your messages up. Writing is essential to the true online player because it is your chance to make a good first impression. The option is always there to flirt but remember that flirting will only get you so far. Sure your intended flirtee may feel complimented , but chances are she will not have the ability to message you back even if she wanted to. Messaging enables you to express your desires much more articulately and leaves the door open for them to write back.

    When sending a message to a new contact remember to start with an intriguing subject line. Something more imaginative then a simple ‘New Message’. When I have a few too many messages sitting in my inbox I usually selectively pick out the ones with an interesting subject line. That gets your foot in the door and gives you a chance to actually engage. Charm, intellect and humor are my personal favorites.

    If you make a reference to something unique within my profile, you’ll have my attention for sure! It shows that you have taken the time to read my profile and are willing to invest some effort in getting to know me – not to mention, the fact that you aren’t just spamming every member with a stock standard message. Though RedHotPie does give you the option to save a message template, you can easily modify these saved messages to give it that personal touch. So save a basic template if you must, but customise it each time for the intended recipient.

    A girl doesn’t mind a compliment or two as well, as long as it’s not a cliché pick up line.  Try asking me how I am, move onto a compliment or two, declare your intentions and perhaps tell me a bit more about yourself. Something intimate to show that you are willing to share yourself with me. Finish up by asking me out for drinks or dinner in a public, pressure-free environment. I would recommend edging your bets and messaging a number of girls because sometimes, despite your best intentions and effort, there just might not be any chemistry there. Play your cards right and heed the advice given here and it really is only a matter of time before you will be getting your internet hook-up with other sensational RedHotPie members.