Mature Swingers Get More Action

Mature Swingers


We all know that swingers come in all different shapes, sizes and colours, but the one factor that many people seem to have the least amount of tolerance for is age. If a couple has set an upper limit then they very rarely consider meeting people above that age bracket, even if an older couple is quite easily more attractive and in better condition than those much younger. The preconceived assumption is that people of a certain age are too old regardless.

Obviously what is perceived as ‘too old’ is going to be relative. For couples in their 20s, it’s understandable to find it disconcerting to meet swingers the same age as their parents, yet couples in their 30s and 40s still set their preference for people who are the same age or younger. Is there anything really that weird about shagging people ten or fifteen years older than you? It would seems so with most couples firmly keeping their sights below fifty regardless.

In spite of that mentality, a good percentage of swinging couples are over the age of fifty and they are having a ball. If anything, they are having way more fun than the younger, self-conscious set. We’ll take a look at some reasons why mature swingers are decidedly having better sex and more often.

They do not give one

After more than a certain number of decades on this planet, you stop caring about what other people think. In term of swinging, this is actually a fantastic mindset. A lot of people take swinging too personally and allow themselves to get caught up in worrying about how they are perceived. Mature swingers know they’re sexy so if you’re prejudiced towards thinking otherwise simply due to age, then as far as they’re concerned, that’s your problem.

They have time and money

Most mature swingers have older children who often don’t live with them. Many are also well established in their career so money isn’t as big a consideration as couples in their 30s who are just starting a family. With any luck, the family home is probably close to paid off as well and after downsizing, there’s spare coin to spend on sexy vacations around the world. If you wonder why the sexy swingers resorts around the world are full of mature swingers, then this answers your question!

They have fewer (if any) inhibitions

Even if a mature swinger couple is new to the scene, they are usually more relaxed about meeting strangers compared to their younger counterparts. They’ve had more overall life experience so they know that worse things can happen than a first swingers date going awry. Older couples are generally more sociable and know how to carry a conversation well, even if they’re dealing with a boring duo. They’re confident and with nothing to lose, they’re simply happy to take a punt and just meet people!

They are in their sexual prime

For many mature swingers, 50s and beyond is the time to get wild. They want good sex and they know how to get it. They’re no longer obsessed with the superficial as it’s more important to find people who are on the same page sexually. A hot body is still a turn on but the right sexy attitude is what really gets them off. Mature swingers are more about little less talk and a whole lot more action.

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