The Hottest Women in New Zealand

In spite of a rather scathing blog post by Hamish Rangi for the neomasculine website Return of King, there are indeed many sexy and hot women who hail from New Zealand. So who are the hottest women in New Zealand? Let’s take a look:

Rachel Hunter – Sure, she’s probably had her day and is more well known as the ex-wife of ageing rocker Rod Stewart but clearly she had the right stuff. It’s not like Rod Stewart is short of women wanting a piece of his fortune him. Very blonde, very leggy. What’s not to like?

Stella Maxwell – Kiwi model Stella Maxwell was named the World’s Hottest Woman by Maxim Magazine recently. Stella has modelled for Victoria’s Secret. ‘Nuff said.

Stella Maxwell

Shavaughn Ruakere – New Zealand TV presenter and Radio DJ. Gorgeous, smouldering looks. I think Hamish of Return of King can stick to his Russian chicks. Save these hot Kiwi babes for the rest of us.

Delwyn Cummack – Absolutely gorgeous New Zealand fashion model. Bangin’ body and a beautiful face. We can be so proud.

Delwyn Cummack

Hayley Holt- Snowboarder and ballroom dancer. She embodies all the cool stuff New Zealand is known for. OK. Maybe not ballroom dancing but that’s just a bonus.

Hottest Women in New Zealand

Kylie Bax – Another hottie from the Rachel Hunter era but she is still so very beautiful. She’s now involved in horse training, which was her parents’ background. Who doesn’t love a Kiwi woman who gets in touch with nature and wrangles horses?

Kylie Bax

Lucy Lawless – Xena the Warrior Princess. Need we say more?

Lucy Lawless